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The Madding Crowd researches and performs the church and secular music of the English village bands and choirs in the period 1660 to 1861.

The next guest night will be on Sunday 5th June.

We are delighted and proud that our founder, Rollo Woods, has been honoured with the Gold Badge Award of the English Folk Dance and Song Society for his many contributions to dance and song, teaching and research over many years.

Here he is on the day of the presentation, with the new Gold Badge, playing for the evening ceilidh.

Rollo & gold badge - Copy





In February we had a wonderful weekend of singing during our 19th annual visit to Halsway Manor

"A CD from the Madding Crowd... has been worth the wait..."

"A very valuable addition to the West Gallery canon of recordings."

8.00+1.50 P&P payable to The Madding Crowd.

Please send orders to:
4 Grove Road, Shawford, Winchester,
Hampshire, UK, SO21 2DD, or email to

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